The Owner


Hey there, my name is Phantashia and I typically go by Phan. I am a Wife, Mother and Artist. I obtained my Fashion Design Degree from Kent State University in 2014. There I created the original concept for my business The Aya Emporium.

The Aya Emporium has been my baby, hobby, hustle, oasis and business since 2013. Aya means resourcefulness and endurance which is a direct reflection of my life and how I operate. I am a creator of many things, but I have a special interest in using African Fabrics. I love designs that are simple but have purpose and great end uses. I’ve done everything from custom garments to hair accessories. My creation of unique, and specialty Durags really allowed my business to take off! From there I have only expanded, and diversified!

Supporting my small business means you are  supporting a black owned business, a black female owned business and helping me build my family legacy. 



DIY Satin Lined Bucket Hat

Ankara Smocking Mini Dress DIY Example


Sewing Tools